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Club News

21 May 2006
South African superstar adventure athlete, Martin Dreyer, today won the 2006 Land Rover G4 Challenge. Beating off 17 of the world's toughest adventure racers in the 4x4-based global Challenge, Dreyer took home a brand new Range Rover after a nail-biting climax to the 28 day marathon that spanned across four countries on two continents.
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9 May 2006
It was a dream start to Stage 3 of the Land Rover G4 Challenge for the home team. Even though Brazil's Eleonora Audra hails from Sao Paulo rather than Rio de Janeiro, her victory in the Stage Start together with Martin Dreyer from South Africa, had the local crowd on Copacabana Beach on their feet.
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5 May 2006
Featuring a wide range of adventure- and lifestyle-themed broadcast video content, Land Rover's new 'Go Beyond' microsite centers around what the company claims is the world's first broadband TV channel launched by a car company.
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4 May 2006
Product placement is a time-honored trend. We're quite sure that Ford is pining for a Bullitt remake, for example, but the war seems to be heating up.
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2 Mar 2006
I've updated the Tech section so that registered users can now add articles. When you're logged in, links on the left side of the page will appear to manage your posts to the tech section.
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3 May 2006

As part of its 'Designed for the Extraordinary' marketing campaign, the adventurous folks at Land Rover rolled a 2006 LR3 onboard a C-130 'Hercules' cargo plane, and then the flight crew used the car's nav system to navigate the plane from Nice, France to the island of Corsica.

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2 Mar 2006
This feature is now up and running for the 'about/news' section of the site. It appears to be functioning as designed. This feature is pending and this article should only appear in a 'draft' status.
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18 Apr 2006
Land Rover's e-Terrain vehicle isn't meant to be taken literally. It's a showcase for the company's upcoming technology, particularly fuel efficiency a welcome sign, considering a supercharged Range Rover gets 13 mpg in city driving. Land Rover says that in combined use the e-Terrain's technology can increase gas mileage by 33 percent while reducing tailpipe emissions and maintaining offroad ruggedness.
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27 Feb 2006
Registered users can now 'Add a news item' to the club site. I just used the new 'add a news article' to add this write-up, and it seems to be working great. Also new - a 'logged in' status in the upper right corner of (almost) every page.
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6 Apr 2006
I've made a major update to the photo gallery for more functionality. In the short term, the gallery doesn't look anything like the current site. I'll be working on that. It will make it easier for me to do other things on the site that use pieces of the photo gallery. Don't be surprised if things look odd once in a while as I re-tweak it to fit the look and feel of the rest of the site.

26 Feb 2006
I've made a significant update to the photo gallery on the web site. Besides the new look (which will be changing as I add/remove features), I've had to update all the usernames/logons. What this means is that your old username/logon from the previous photo gallery will no longer work, and you may need to create a new account.
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3 Mar 2006
For all you registered users, you can now post, edit, and maintain your own event. Planning a trail run? Post it in the 'adventures' section. If you need to change the date, meeting time, or even cancel the event, you can do it all from your own list of events.
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17 Jan 2006
As you can see from the new link added to the main navigation, the site has once again added a forum to the site.

Feel free to register and post to your heart's content.


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