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Intro to HAM radio class

1 year 11 months ago - 1 year 11 months ago #9080 by CFranco101
I wanted to create a thread for everyone to ask questions as well as having a place to explain the details of this class.

The aim is to give attending members the information and tools needed to begin their studies for a HAM radio license. THIS IS NOT A LICENSING CLASS, you will not be licensed to use a HAM radio at the end of this class! You will leave this class with a decent understanding of HAM radio and the tools needed to begin studying for the test.

The actual test is composed of 35 questions for the technician class which is all that is needed to get on the air! You can choose to go for the General, Amateur extra, etc. It is not hard if you study and put a little time in, 10 year old kids do it!

We will be meeting at the Steelcrest headquarters located at:
4141 E Raymond St # E
Phoenix, AZ 85040.
Thanks to Doug Lawyer for making the space available to us!

That being said, due to the conference room size we are limited to 14 members who can attend the class comfortably so please be sure to sign up on the events page. If you cannot get a spot to attend the class we will be broadcasting the class live on Facebook as we did with the meeting.

We will have equipment available for you to get familiar with as well as have a live demo at the end of the class of some of the features and uses we will cover.

Please post any questions you have and I will do my best to answer!

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