April 2010 Council Meeting Minutes

8 years 8 months ago #670 by James Howard
April Meeting, the first meeting of the new Council
Marilyn took the minutes
All members present

Financials from the rally
o $2,477 rally profit
o $8,085 current club cash balance
? Donation to relevent organization - Council will vote during May meeting
? Tread Lightly
? Blue Ribbon Coalition
? Disabled Explorers
? Reinvesting in the club - see Doug action item below, Council will vote on investments during May meeting
? Webmaster, forum management
? Pay Koly
? Polo shirts for paid members
? Establish a Rally Fund for next year

Doug: will research the rules for financial holdings for a not-for-profit organization
Council will vote on the options above in the May Council Meeting

• Marilyn will be resigning the Council on June 1, 2010
o RobM suggests to look for the person that was 6th on the 2010 Council Vote
o Doug suggested Craig Ludwig (accounting abilities) as he was the 6th person voted to the council by the membership
• Bank of America account needs to be transitioned from Marilyn and Jayson
o Doug will ask Craig that if he serves Treasurer
• New signatures on the incorporation papers
o Craig, if he serves he could be a signer on the bank and incorporation papers
o Doug volunteered to serve as signer on bank
• Establishment of a Rally committeee
o RobM believes the Rally Committee should be different than the Council
o Rally Committee needs to have a leader as a Chair
o It was suggested to post a request on the email group to volunteer for Rally Committee - Marilyn
• New stickers - oval
o Marilyn will email Xsell Media's contact to make the order
o RobM will order and manage the oval stickers, as well as the rectangle ones for general distribution.
o Ovals will be members, rectangles for distribution
• Webmaster - pay Koly
o Doug is working with Koly on options for the website, including Forums, Members only, Council only areas. Doug will ask Koly during the April 8th Phoenix meeting on what would be acceptable. This topic will be discussed in the May Council Meeting
• New conference number
o Marilyn will ask Jayson if the Council can continue using his conference line for monthly meetings
• Scan incorporation pagers for Council - RobM

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