September Council Meeting Minutes - 2016

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Meeting held 9/15, 8:30pm. All council members present.

  • Future of WNLRR
  • [/b]
    • Bring doug in for next council meeting
    • Dave has friend in Sonoita, maybe use for 2018 AZLRO rally, or 2017 if WNLRR fizzles out, maybe use for BBQ, or weekend campout.
  • Hero Off-Road Toy Drive
  • [/b]
    • Still waiting on Armando - maybe get TV involved, waiting on a date
    • Carlos to post & send photo of toys
  • Rally discussions
  • [/b]
    • Club rally or/or WNLRR
    • Decision host club needs to be determined.
    • If none, then AZLRO will host event, with WNLRR or Local AZLRO only rally.
  • Trail Leaders
  • [/b]
    • Reduced membership cost to trail leaders - nixed - too logistically complicated and incentive isn't enough
    • Bi-Annual Trail Leader appreciation dinner paid for by the club.
    • Jan 21st - only TLs, not family friendly, TLs from July 2015 to Current date 2016 - hope to get a raffle prize donated
    • trail raffle for TLs to pick which trails they want to lead
    • Annual draft for trails to be held at Bi-Annual dinner, or get assigned a trail.
    • TL of the year announced at BBQ
  • Quarterly Digital AZLRO Publication / News, Tips & Articles for web site
  • [/b]
    • carlos to ping bill burke
    • bob will ping Jim west
    • Dave has first article ready to go
  • Monthly Member Meetings
  • [/b]
    • switched live feed from Facebook to YouTube Live so it can be added to the club web site - will review stats to see which version to stick with.
    • Next council meeting we need to get at least another 3-4 months locations
    • Council introductions, new attendee/member introductions
    • nametags will have name, vehicle, and city
    • One council member is the monthly member ambassador - wearing TL shirt, we'll make a note in the newsletter and on event page "who to seek out"
  • Thanksgiving Parade
  • [/b]
    • Doug to provide details of Fountain Hills Thanksgiving day parade.
    • candy packaging party/event - Johnnie's Pizza again?

  • AZLRO Member Classes
  • [/b]
    • Jackson Cabin trip & quarterly class - hose repair tape, changing your belt, changing your alternator
    • Class on Rigging with Carlos / Robert Ward - BBQ class in march
    • First Aid: Dave & Carlos to organize & talk to Rick Bucher - hold somewhere inside, july to sept
    • Navigation jan / feb: Carlos and Dave to organize
  • [/b]
    • Run with Guns - sporting clays at Ben Avery - club members only, limited numbers to first sign ups
    • Saturday club meeting will be 1st Saturday of the 1st month of the quarter - will be held in addition to regular Thursday monthly meeting
    • Remote Location movie night - Saturday March 25th - east verde estates area
    • Birmabright Chef Cook-Off: Members show off their culinary skills on Friday night at the club BBQ, preparing their best trail meal to serve up samples to BBQ attendees. VOTING AND PRIZES AWARDED. The club will still buy dinner for Saturday night.
    • Wide body friendly trails - Dave will lead
    • Logo gear, club t-shirts - dave will post to facebook/club forum
  • Club Finances
  • [/b]
    • BofA - $8,644
    • Paypal - $3,092
  • Council Meetings
  • [/b]
    • Next Council meeting scheduled for Oct 22nd - Pierre will send invite & webex info - include Doug for WNLRR, Rebelle/road rally & thanskgiving parade
  • New Member Welcome
  • [/b]
    • Council members to make direct contact with members via phone when members provide phone number.
    • Dave will send welcome email and ping and then pair up new member with council member with like vehicle.

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