July Council Meeting Minutes - 2014 - New Council

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July 14th, 2014

First council meeting for new council of 2014/2015, at SteelCrest office in Phoenix.

In attendance: Doug Lawyer, Pierre LeBlanc, Shawn McDonald, Chad Manz, and Chuck Powell

[list:3g1fngz4][*:3g1fngz4]Discussion of who will take over treasurer duties from James Howard, who is no longer on council. Pierre LeBlanc will assume that role and will arrange meeting with James to turn over duties.[/*:m:3g1fngz4]
[*:3g1fngz4]Chad Manz to remain membership coordinator
[*:3g1fngz4]Discussion of future rally: Voted to have 2015 rally in Fall of 2015 in Cottonwood/Sedona area again.
[list:3g1fngz4][*:3g1fngz4] Possible vehicle build prior to rally for vehicle raffle. Also suggested that we secure spot at Overland Expo to promote rally and vehicle raffle.
[/*:m:3g1fngz4][*:3g1fngz4] Doug to chair rally and champion vehicle build.[/*:m:3g1fngz4]
[*:3g1fngz4] Possible group camping area at Dead Horse State Park in Cottonwood.[/*:m:3g1fngz4]
[*:3g1fngz4] Shawn and Doug to secure sponsors.[/*:m:3g1fngz4]
[*:3g1fngz4] Doug will look for rally committee members.[/*:m:3g1fngz4]
[*:3g1fngz4] Suggestion for trail leader training again for this rally. Doug to reach out to Bill Burke.[/*:m:3g1fngz4][/list:u:3g1fngz4][/*:m:3g1fngz4]
[*:3g1fngz4]Discussion of upcoming member only event. Decided that we will have October club BBQ at Roosevelt Lake. We will secure Friday and Saturday evening group camping area, like Gila Challenge venue. Club will pay for camping and dinners both nights. Must be paid up member to attend event. Member’s families are welcome as well.[/*:m:3g1fngz4]
[*:3g1fngz4]Discussion of joining state or national 4 wheel drive association for potential insureance benefit to club. Chuck to investigate more and report back.[/*:m:3g1fngz4][/list:u:3g1fngz4]
Meeting adjourned.

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Looking forward to the 2015 Sedona event !


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