April Council Meeting Minutes - 2013

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April 1st, 2013, 7pm
In attendance: Pierre, Kelly, James, Bob, Shaun, Steve
Quorum achieved.
  • Old Business
    • 2014 Rally postpone/delay/etc suggestion. Consensus is to continue and hold another rally. Location, chair, etc, discussed in 2013 Rally Review (below)[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
    • New Business
      • 2013 Rally Review
        • Biggest takeaways
          • Have a procedure on hand for trail incidents - with one point of contact who provides information to rally at large (see Rally communications below)[/*:m]
          • Rally has laxed on trail check-out/check-ins over the past couple events[/*:m]
          • HAM radios proved invaluable on helping Friday with a breakdown, also with communications during Saturday's accident[/*:m]
          • Communication would have been even better if one of the repeater antennas wasn't actually broken and dangling in the wind.[/*:m]
          • DO NOT offer discounts - hard enough for us to eek by, and this year we had a LOT of discount requests - once one is offered, hard to stop the flood of requests.[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
          • Charitable donation from Rally proceeds - discussion tabled until insurance issues are resolved. [/*:m]
          • Most raffle $$ earned ever[/*:m]
          • Rally chair suggests "choose a chairperson first, then choose the location" - somewhat conflicting with our 4 year Rally rotation schedule of Phoenix, Sedona/Cottonwood, Tucson, and floating local, although the next location is the floating location.[/*:m]
          • Hilton was a great HQ - should be a requirement for future Rally's to have HQ and camping VERY close in proximity, as 50% camped or lived in Tucson[/*:m]
          • Vendor night is really our premiere night for both attendees & vendors[/*:m]
          • Rally Communications/Trail Leader Processes
            • Need one single point of contact to manage checkout/checkin, liason to Rally Chair[/*:m]
            • Formal checkout/checkin process for trails - could be as simple as the TL snapping a pic of his trail list attendee and sending to liason, radioing in upon checkin[/*:m]
            • Need a TL morning meeting each morning before line-up... if TL isn't in attendance for morning meeting, their trail gets collapsed[/*:m]
            • Possibly use APRS beacons again as we have in the past so we know when/where non-HAM TLs are.
            • Club Insurance
              • The only thing our previous policy covered was formal meetings at the mailing address they have on file, and then only when no alcohol is being served. It never covered any previous Rally/event, any meeting at any other location, etc.[/*:m]
              • Kelly secured us 'event insurance' for the Rally via Countrywide - great job![/*:m]
              • After researching, no insurance company will cover actual off-road activites - that is left to the individual auto owners policies[/*:m]
              • Bill B. suggests we investigate 4WD umbrella insurance - Kelly will follow up[/*:m]
              • While our new waiver was a vast improvement from years past, after talking with BB, what we really need is an "admission/recognition of risk." BB may share a draft with us so we can create our own version - Kelly will follow up with umbrella and risk policy[/*:m]
              • James will find out what national rally does insurance-wise[/*:m]
              • For the Rally, we need to require a copy of our each of our vendor's insurance policies before they are able to attend.[/*:m]
              • Also recommended the council drafts up an Errors and Omissions for additional protection for council members/rally chairs/etc[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
              • LRNA made updates to their logo usage policy.
                Chad followed up with LRNA and we remain in good standing[/*:m]
              • Trail Coordinator Report
                • working on 2013 Trail list (runs March 2013 to March 2014)[/*:m]
                • Radios - FRSs are last on the list of preferred coms. HAM would be nice but is unrealistic. CBs are preferred method for trail communcations[/*:m]
                • Possibly make HAM a requirement to be a TL[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
                • Need another order of AZLRO oval patches Pierre to order[/*:m]
                • Upcoming Council Elections - if you are interested in serving on the council, stay tuned for announcement on how to self-nominate. Council elections will run June 15th through 30th. [/*:m]
                • TL Training - possibly schedule another round of training before next rally[/*:m]
                • Web site update
                  • Proposed budget $300 - $500 for upgrade costs, but hopefully would unify all our information[/*:m]
                  • Time to refresh the look[/*:m]
                  • One reason we were able to get insurance so quickly is that they saw our web site and were impressed[/*:m]
                  • Our sponsors were also all impressed with web site, which helped convince them to sponsor our club/Rally[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
                  • Overland Expo - will reserve AZLRO an area, but we need someone up there Thursday morning to claim it.[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m][/list:u]

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6 years 2 months ago #6522 by ipgregory
Thx Bob for the minutes.

To add to the Trail Comms points, if we can make it work that TLs are HAMs or failing that at least one HAM is available for each trail on a Rally that would be great for emergency comms, Check Outs/Ins etc. We really do need to address/tighten up our trail comms and procedures as you guys discussed.

In my opinion ALL FRS Radios should be collected up and formally cremated. The ashes should be scattered over a range of 20' or greater as that way they will be far enough apart they wont be able to communicate after death.... <!-- s:banghead: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_banghead.gif" alt=":banghead:" title="banghead" /><!-- s:banghead: -->

Ian Gregory - N1IPG

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