April Council Meeting Minutes

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Council Meeting Minutes

April 5th, 2012, 6:30 pm

Attendees via teleconference:
Bob K
Chad M
James H
Steve O

Quorum achieved

  • Old/ongoing Business
    • Rally update
      • Attendance down slightly, but many members who have committed haven't registed yet. 53 vehicles, ~106 attendees[/*:m]
      • main concern is getting raffle items - sponsors are letting us know budgets are tight this year[/*:m]
      • everything else is on target - trails, HQ, food, etc[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
      • Membership
        • Member packets
          • new member packets are ready to go with membership cards, stickers, promo materials from Rover Techs & Huffs. LR North Scottsdale is prepping some membership goodies (100 items to include to all current members) but they won't be ready til May. Rally attendees will receive![/*:m]
          • Chad set to mail packets to new/renewed members (~25 or so) by Monday/Tuesday 4/10[/*:m]
          • Chad is making 100 prepped kits so they will be ready to be sent at the time of renewal/join date[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
          • renewal members that are inactive: Chad will be contacting by Monday/Tuesday, Bob to be cc'd as members need to have their account online set to "active" in order to renew online - we have many members who have not renewed who are very likely...[/*:m]
          • Lifetime membership for larger fee:
            • Brought up at last club meeting - lifetime fee?[/*:m]
            • council voted to table lifetime discussion to later date[/*:m]
            • will look into adding a two year option or three year option when renewing / registering - not sure if our membership software is able to do so. Bob will check on multi-year subscription, and Chad brought up idea of partnering with Overland Journal to provide a subscription with your multi-year membership as a benefit to renewing for multi-years[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
            • membership renewal amendment to the bylaws: Current bylaws state that memberships renew on January 31st, but in practice for the last few years it has been done on a 'date-joined' basis: Bob will draft amendment to bylaws and put it to member vote in the following months - not urgent, but a housekeeping task[/*:m]
            • Set membership payment to be automatically recurring payment option:
              Our software only allows for all recurring or none - does not offer an "opt-in" feature. Council votes against auto-pay.[/*:m]
            • Current Bylaws state $20 "reinstatement fee" if past due. Discussion regarding penalizing members not being a positive method to encourage participation - temporary decision is to maintain existing non-enforcement of bylaws regarding reinstatement fee.[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
            • Financial status
              • Overall club is sound[/*:m]
              • rally budget is tight at the moment but still waiting on a couple big committed sponsors & expected raffle fees that make up goodly portion of rally funds[/*:m]
              • Tread lightly membership as part of our donation/philanthropy: Council votes in favor of becoming a member of Tread Lightly. Item to transition document: need to maintain a liason to TL, should be named by incoming council. Current liason is Doug L.[/*:m]
              • James hopes to provide a report regarding Rally success afterward[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
              • Club addresses/contact info with legal /corp entities: Law firm has been emailed to correct mailing address, cc corp and insurance have correct address.[/*:m]
              • Cafepress online store: Steve K. has set up with great merchandise - questions for Steve about what the club makes off of sales - once answered, we're ready to go live with the online store[/*:m]
              • item for next meeting: review insurance policy[/*:m][/list:u]

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Thx Bob.

Ian Gregory - N1IPG

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