March Council Meeting Minutes

7 years 4 months ago #4550 by koly
3/6/2012 Council Meeting Minutes

In attendance via conference call:
Shaun McDonald
Bob Kolander
James Howard
Steve Odgear
Doug Lawyer

6:00pm, quorum achieved.

  • Old business
    • Bank account was successfully transferred in February - Bob, James & Chad are signees - all others removed[/*:m]
    • Square account status - transferred over to James in February[/*:m]
    • PayPal account - perfectly functional the way it is at the moment, waiting for after the rally to try to update with new credit cards/address. Pain in the neck to try to change any info with them[/*:m]
    • CT Legal Solutions - still need to notify them with new council info - James will ask Craig about updating that info[/*:m]
    • Insurance: Hartford insurance good through May or September 2012 - James to follow up and find out correct time, inform them of new contact info[/*:m][/list:u]
    • New Business
      • Rally update (discussed as the first agenda item of the evening due to time)
        • slightly concerned with money coming in from sponsors, but we have more sponsor dollars pledged than last year, waiting on several of them to pull the trigger/send a check[/*:m]
        • Epic Week: Overland to the Expo event - Itinerary 1 completely filled, Itinerary 2 still has availability - good source of additional Rally revenue[/*:m]
        • Committee needs help calling sponsors, following up[/*:m]
        • Need to figure out where $ point is before the club buys raffle items for the event[/*:m]
        • concern about paying for tent before it's actually put up and deemed satisfactory - to discuss with Doug[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
        • Phx potluck club meeting should stay (for this month) on Thursday to ensure maximum participation - if Chad can't host we will come up with alternate location[/*:m]
        • Membership packets - decal, card, and printed letter. New stickers are ready, just need to be paid for and picked up. All current members will receive a new member card via mail, new decal when they attend a club meeting/event. Steve's new member letter is ready to go, need to verify with Chad[/*:m]
        • Membership expiration renewal emails are functioning as designed to council and expiring member[/*:m]
        • Issue with membership expiration - once a member is expired, they can not log in to the site to renew their membership. Need a solution for this - Bob & Chad to discuss at club meeting[/*:m]
        • Trail Coordinator (Pierre) is doing a great job - most of the next year's trails are planned through March 2013, just waiting on a few more trail leaders to solidfiy their trip. 3 trips currently on the calendar, more to be added in the near future.[/*:m]
        • James is building the transition document, especially for the banking, legal, insurance, and corporation status[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m][/list:u]

00 G500

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7 years 4 months ago #4563 by mongosd2
Curious as to why the council (club) needs to buy raffle items?

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7 years 4 months ago #4564 by 05LR3AZ
In the case we lack raffle items. We actually make a good chunk of money from raffle tickets at the rally and would work with vendors to get good pricing.

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7 years 4 months ago #4583 by craiglud
The raffle is one of the primary fund raisers for the club. We get some great gifts from our sponsors and some give deep discounts for the club to purchase those items for the raffle. The more prizes we have and the more in demand those prizes are, the more funds the club is able to raise. It's defiantly a balancing act though!

K7CSL, craiglud/1111, 05' LR3, sliders, lift, skids, and the scars!

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