January/February Council Meeting Minutes

7 years 11 months ago #4252 by koly
1/31/2012 Council Meeting & Transition

In attendance via conference call:
Craig Ludwig
Shaun McDonald
Chad Manz
Doug Lawyer
Rob Woodward
Bob Kolander
James Howard
Steve Odgear

6:30 – Quorum achieved, meeting started. Bob volunteers to take minutes.

  • Old business
    • Retiring council recognizes the new council as elected by majority vote of the club membership (vote results verified per club bylaws by three club members not running for council: Diana McRen, Marilyn Moyer-Ward & Craig Ludwig):
      Bob Kolander
      Chad Manz
      James Howard
      Shaun McDonald
      Steve Odgear[/*:m]
    • Continue policy from Craig regarding tracking all items necessary to ensure smooth transitions for future councils so there is a single document listing all items that need to be addressed (bank accounts, legal records, etc). Make sure to track all items as they arise during this transition.[/*:m]
    • Bank account
      • new council needs a treasurer and old council also recommends a secretary to make transfer of account signatures is easier than in the past. [/*:m]
      • Bank account needs three signees (Bob, James & Chad to take on that role), and we need to remove old signees (Jayson, Doug, Craig). Date pending for signature transfer. [/*:m]
      • Craig covers account balances, notes that the club has more money at this point in time than in years past[/*:m]
      • Bring meeting minutes to bank to show transfer/council election.[/*:m]
      • Transition bank mailing address to new treasurer's address[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
      • PayPal account
        • We have the ability to grant other users to log in and view paypal and request payment, issue refunds, and transfer money. Several non-council members in the past have had that ability for a variety of reasons. Because the council now has the ability to monitor membership subscriptions via the club web site, Craig de-activated all members from accessing PayPal except for Diana M. She is using it to verify Rally registrations. New council/Rally Coordinator will definitely need that ability before and during the Rally.[/*:m]
        • Need to tie a different personal account to the club's PayPal account (new treasurer).[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
        • discussion around account balances and expenses during Rally event and membership renewals[/*:m]
        • Transition item - notify CT corp for corporation status - notify them with new council members names/emails/phones[/*:m]
        • Insurance: Doug will forward invoice from Hartford, confirmed that the address is changed, and club is covered through September 2012.[/*:m]
        • currently in good standing with Insurance, Land Rover North America, and AZ Corporation Commission[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
        • New Business
          • Council transition will take place on date as noted per club bylaws instead of after the rally as in years past[/*:m]
          • Calls for vote for treasurer: James Howard had volunteered and is nominated by Bob K. Vote is called, 4-0 in favor of James Howard as club treasurer.[/*:m]
          • Calls for vote for secretary: Chad Manz nominates Bob Kolander. Vote is held: 4-0 in favor of Bob Kolander as secretary.[/*:m]
          • Membership: Current membership is at 73, but there are at least 7-10 recently expired members who are extremely likely to renew.[/*:m]
          • continuation of webmaster stipend (established in 2010): webmaster receives $100 every quarter for maintaining the club web site. New council plans to keep this in place. Bob volunteered to accept no stipend while serving on the council and was overridden by new council members - he will recuse himself from any council votes that may involve the stipend and/or its relation to the web site.[/*:m]
          • Set up monthly meeting locations at least three months in advance.[/*:m]
          • Rally items
            • Doug & James discuss rally sponsor checks and how to handle them[/*:m]
            • James requests a rally budget/expense list from Doug - Doug will provide this week[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m]
            • New council thanks retiring council for their past work, old council exits the meeting.[/*:m]
            • Membership (continued)
              • Council calls for a vote to make membership duties a responsibility of a current council member. Vote passes 5-0.[/*:m]
              • Call for volunteer to serve as membership clerk - Chad Manz volunteers to handle all membership duties (mailing out new member packets, following up with expired and expiring members, etc).[/*:m]
              • New member stickers and AZLRO oval stickers need to be ordered. Will make them slightly smaller. All existing members are eligible for a new free sticker - they must attend a club meeting to receive their free sticker (teleconference is acceptable)[/*:m]
              • Speak with Doug about having sponsors send extra promo items (stickers, flyers, etc) to include in new member packets[/*:m]
              • Steve will draw up new member welcome letter[/*:m]
              • Bob will add Chad as a BCC for membership expiration email notifications so he can follow up[/*:m]
              • Change membership expiration email notification to go out 10 days prior to expiration[/*:m]
              • Trail Coordinator Position:
                Pierre L came up with the idea for a Trail Coordinator to help organize trail runs during the year outside of the rally, and to follow up with Rally Trail Leaders to make sure they are fulfilling their obligation of leading at least one trail run other than during the rally. This position will also help plan quarterly or semi-annual weekend events (camping, etc). Also discussed was Pierre's recommendation for Trail Leader requirements - did not have the latest version during the meeting and will get from Pierre for the next meeting to discuss. [/*:m]
              • Follow up after our inaugural BBQ Swap Meet from last year - plan one for October, with club to provide food. [/*:m]
              • Council meeting seemed to work well via teleconference, will continue that way unless other needs arise.[/*:m]
              • tentative plan for regular council meeting the 2nd Tuesday of every month.[/*:m][/list:u][/*:m][/list:u][/*:m][/list:u]

00 G500

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7 years 11 months ago #4259 by 05LR3AZ
Great notes...

05' LR3
01' E-350 7.3L 4x4 - Sportsmobile pop-up
[bt]91' RRC SWB[/b]
Shaun - KF7KOY

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7 years 11 months ago #4262 by mongosd2
Guess you guys forgot that Rob Modica has maintained the club membership since it's inception and has been done this without malice,notice and nomination. His dedication has always been tossed to way side and never been recognized...

Once again, proof that what has built this club has been discarded...

1983 D110 Pickup 200Tdi/Lt77
1996 D1 bone syock
2001 D2...FZJ80 axles ARB/Detroit 37" Iroks, (F)14" 9100 Coilovers 14" (R)14" FOA Coilovers 1.6 lt230 PSC hydro steering

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7 years 11 months ago #4277 by mongosd2
Good to hear you guys worked it out with Rob, if anyone deserves a lifetime free ride, it's him...

1983 D110 Pickup 200Tdi/Lt77
1996 D1 bone syock
2001 D2...FZJ80 axles ARB/Detroit 37" Iroks, (F)14" 9100 Coilovers 14" (R)14" FOA Coilovers 1.6 lt230 PSC hydro steering

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