July 2011 Council Meeting Minutes

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Council Meeting, 7-6-2011

Attendees: Chad Manz, Shaun McDonald, Rob Woodward, Doug Lawyer, Craig Ludwig(via phone)

6:15 PM: Meeting Started

  • Discussed lack of communication with Tucson members:
    Discussed continued complaints from Tucson members regarding lack of communication between council happenings and Phoenix area happening. Several possible solutions were proposed and discussed, but came to a conclusion that council would organize and conduct quarterly club business meetings. These meeting will take place in a conference-type area every quarter and will alternate between Tucson and Phoenix venues, with possible venue in between in Casa Grande, depending on adequate facility. Doug to look into first meeting venue and report back.

  • Discussed why recent thread on website forum was locked
    Addressed the negative comments on forum regarding Tucson meetings and was decided that all such feedback in the future should and will be directed to council only, and not posted for general membership airing. In the future, website will contain area to instruct such comments to be directed at club council only.

    New area will be tied into “Meet the Council” area. Doug to contact Bob K to add to website.

  • Discussed inadequacies in sending new member packets and what can be done to help issues.
    Recognized part of problem had much to do with shortage in materials. In addition, Chad Manz will act as back-up duties to Rob Modica, when Rob is out of town. Doug to inform Rob of back-up from Chad.

  • Discussed how new website Forum is functioning and reviewed progress from switch from Yahoo email list.
    Decided that Rob Woodward will add a new thread asking for membership/user feedback on how people like or dislike the format. Also, will ask for any suggestions for improvements.

  • Discussed upcoming 2012 rally progress.
    Doug has been in communication with several Lake Havasu contacts regarding venue, trails, and dates. Everything looks very favorable for holding 2012 rally there in April. Doug to post thread on forum regarding venue to gain feedback on location. Also, we will look for general suggestions for improvements for future rally as well. Doug to also decide on and post final rally volunteer positions.

  • Doug proposed giving Bob Kolander a Lifetime Honorary Membership for his continued work and dedication on the club website. All 5 council members agreed to this. Doug to inform Bob of decision.

  • Reviewed non-profit corporation status.
    Corporation currently suspended as mail was going to Jayson’s address and lack of communication led to status. Craig to investigate how to resolve and investigate attorney to act as statutory agent for club so this problem will not happen again. Craig to report back to council on proposed cost of such agent.

  • Reviewed licensing agreement with Land Rover North America.
    All council agreed to accept agreement as amended per our request. Craig to sign and provide copy to Land Rover North America. Club is now legally licensed to use “Land Rover” and green oval for club activities including print work, t-shrits, etc.[/*:m][/list:u]
    7:42 PM: Meeting adjourned

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