February 2011 Council Meeting Minutes

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AZLRO Council Meeting 2010-2-9


James Howard
Doug Lawyer
Rob Modica
Craig Ludwig
Rob Woodward

Shaun McDonald
Chad Manz

Jayson Stangel for Rally Update
Bob Kolander for Forum and Yahoo list information

Report from Jayson
Moderating Email List
Forum/Yahoo Posting Rules
Land Rover Licensing
Read and Approve Rules
Trail Leader List, RE: Leo
New Council Transition
Insurance / New member release

Jayson’s Rally Update

Close to being able to cover the cost with sponsorship/fees
$12k budget, have $10k
We should make up the difference with raffle tickets and additional signups.

BofA: ~$8000, Paypal $7326, 15365 total

Leo not a trail leader as he doesn’t meet the requirements of first aid and trail leader training.
unfortunate, but we need to be consistent
Leo can be a tail gunner
Next meeting a week from today. Meeting every week from now until Rally.
Need more volunteers

End Jayson update

New Member stickers - Shaun has them - to be mailed to Rob M.

Insurance - is paid through 5/1/2001. Leo says it is for the Rally itself, not for more.
Should we have insurance for more stuff, such as sanctioned runs? Rob W & Rob M recall it was for sanctioned runs as well. Doug to investigate.
We have releases for Rally, should we have releases for trail runs as well?

“On Oct 15, 2010, at 10:11 PM, Leo wrote:

The insurance policy is a $1M general liability policy that protects the club from a negligent lawsuit in the event someone gets into an accident after being served alcohol at a club event. It does not cover anyone that gets hurt during trail runs or damage to their vehicles. They cannot claim negligence since they made the decision to attend the event. This is also why it is important to have everyone sign a disclaimer before attending the rally. This type of policy was not only necessary when the club was incorporated, it was also needed to hold the rally at a hotel or resort since we serve alcohol. That is also why it only costs $350 per year. Anyone that gets hurt on the trail or their vehicle gets damaged would have to be covered under their own insurance. Let me know if you have more questions.
Craig: This is a common policy to let us use hotels, resorts, etc for the Rally.

Licensing - James has been unable to get in touch with Land Rover corporate.
Karl Kompe at Royal Land Rover supports us.
Hold where we are at, and just table it for now, unless we get a response.

Should we buy stuff for Rally raffle? Spend $1000 for extra stuff at Sierra Expeditions and Bill Burke.

New council transition date, the Rally is the transition point. Maybe at dinner.
Discussion about what to do about the recent incivility in the club.

Forum is more controllable, because posts and threads can be locked or deleted after the fact.

Email list is read far and wide. Many sponsors read it and have expressed their displeasure. Potential members have been scared off, and others have not renewed.

Obvious security issue with the forum. Bob is optimistic he has fixed the problem.

Need rules with specific sanctions. The Expedition Portal Forum rules are a good start.
If we kill the email list, do we lose people?
Email list is not drawing membership.
Unanimous vote: Yahoo email list goes away Sunday at 5pm MST. It will remain moderated until then.

143 Yahoo group users
121 Forum users
Unclear how many are users of both.

Four members were found to be in violation of the club bylaws, Article III, Section 3:
“All members must conduct themselves in a respectable and orderly fashion whether in or out of Club activities. Any member disgracing himself in the public eye will be immediately subject to expulsion from the Club, subject to decisions by the Club Council. “
Decided to send warnings to each of the four members instead, giving them one more chance.
One of these members requested a refund for the Rally. Our website clearly states no refunds, so request was denied.
Another of these members is promoting a breakaway club on the email list. Member is welcome to start a new club, but not promote it on the club email list or site.

1968 Land Rover Dormobile
1992 Range Rover

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