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Use Havoline Extended Life Coolant (XLC), or any
ethylene glycol based anti-freeze (containing no
methanol) with only Organic Acid Technology (OAT)
corrosion inhibitors, to protect the cooling system
CAUTION: No other anti-freeze should be used
with Havoline Extended Life Coolant.
The cooling system should be drained, flushed and
refilled with the correct amount of anti-freeze solution
at the intervals given on the Service Maintenance
Check Sheet.
After filling with anti-freeze solution, attach a warning
label to a prominent position on the vehicle stating
the type of anti-freeze contained in the cooling
system to ensure that the correct type is used for
Brake/Clutch fluid
Use only DOT 4 brake fluid.
PAS fluid
Use Texaco cold climate power assisted steering
fluid PSF 14315.
ACE fluid
Where ambient temperature falls below -20° C (-4°
F), use only Texaco cold climate power assisted
steering fluid PSF 14315. Where ambient
temperature remains above -20° C (-4° F), use either
Texaco cold climate power assisted steering fluid ,
Dexron 11 or Dexron 111 non-synthetic fluid.
Air conditioning
Use only refrigerant R134a.
Refrigerant oil
Use only Nippon Denso ND-oil 8.
Refrigerant oil absorbs water and must not be stored
for long periods. Do not pour unused oil back into the
NOTE: The total quantity of refrigerant oil in the
system is 180 ml.
CAUTION: Do not use any other type of
refrigerant oil.
Anti-Freeze Concentration
The overall anti-freeze concentration should not fall,
by volume, below 50% to ensure that the anticorrosion
properties of the coolant are maintained.
Anti-freeze concentrations greater than 60% are not
recommended as cooling efficiency will be impaired.
The following recommended quantities of anti-freeze
will provide frost protection to -48°C (-53°F):
Engine - TD5
Engine - V8
Concentration 50%
Amount of Anti-freeze 4 litres
Concentration 50%
Amount of Anti-freeze 6.5 litres
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