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D1/Classic vs. D2/P38 Coils

3 years 2 weeks ago #8260 by le1gf
I know the axels are different. What about the springs? I have a set of factory coils that I took off my P38 when I put on my lift, that have about an inch of lift over the normal air spring height. I would like about an inch of lift for my 88 Classic. Does anybody know if they will fit/work? I haven't crawled under there yet to look. I figure coil spacers would be the easiest thing to do, but I already have the coils sitting at my parents house. Or does anybody have any spacers that they want to get rid of?

Thanks for any info.

Glenn Onodera
'97 Rover P38 3" Coil Spring Conversion, Front Lockrite, Rear TC
'88 Classic Stock

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