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The following is the council's response to a formal complaint filed by Dave Smith on January 23rd, 2019.


First of all, the council would like to thank for all you’ve done for the club in the past, including serving on the council, rally committee, and the running the 2018 Rover Revival truck show, all to help AZLRO continue to grow and improve. We appreciate the time and effort you have contributed in the past to making our club the success that it is.

Regarding the complaint, henceforth we will refer to involved parties by their names for clarity:

Council members Kelly Howard, Bob Kolander, Pierre LeBlanc, and Kyle Winfree (referred to herein as ’the council') of the Arizona Land Rover Owner (AZLRO) Club, have reviewed the complaint Dave Smith filed on January 23rd, 2019, and are bound by the club by-laws in determining the council's outcome. As AZLRO has have never had a formal complaint filed with the council in the club's history, the council has taken this entire process very seriously. Doug Lawyer, current council member who was named in the complaint, recused himself from this process and has not been privy to or included in any of the council’s discussion about this matter, or in determining the council’s remedy contained herein. Both parties in the complaint are receiving this response.

The complaint filed by Dave Smith on January 23rd, 2019 is about a disputed remark that occurred at a private event approximately nine months ago (May 2018), where Doug Lawyer was alleged to have made an anti-semitic statement which was relayed to Dave at a later date by another party in attendance at said private event.

There is a dispute about what was actually said among the private event attendees. Even so, Doug informed the council that he had apologized via email to Dave, and at the council’s request, both Dave and Doug provided copies of emails the two have exchanged relating to the incident.

Regarding the complaint:

There are conflicting reports about whether the remark was made.
This incident occurred at a private event.
Dave was not in attendance at the event.
The incident was not addressed at the time it occurred.
Dave was a member of the council when the incident occurred. It is disappointing Dave did not bring this to the council during his tenure on the council.
Doug apologized to Dave via email in May 2018.
To answer questions from Dave’s official complaint:

"Are Jews excluded from his (Doug’s) AZLRO trips?" Of course not. AZLRO has never turned away anyone from an AZLRO event based on gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or nationality.

"What about AZLRO events that he (Doug) plans or attends?" It is each individual’s prerogative to attend or not attend events. Dave attended AZLRO’s Thanksgiving Day Parade run led by Doug seven months after the incident. When the council asked Dave about Dave's attendance at the parade, Dave informed the council via email that Doug approached Dave and said to Dave “Glad you could make it,” demonstrating the fact that everyone was civil and no one was turned away.

As Doug has apologized directly to Dave for his alleged actions via email (emails both parties supplied to the council), we consider the matter closed.

The council would also note that Dave has publicly stated on Facebook the following remarks:

- “Drunk, sober, around the campfire or on the trail, its bullshit. I’ll take the high road and leave out the details but with that I say adios AZLRO."

- “I quit the local Land Rover club that I loved because of hateful comments by a member.”

As Dave has publicly stated he quit the club, the council was surprised to receive this complaint as these statements were viewed as Dave's resignation from the club.

Only responses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be acknowledged. Council members will not respond to individual texts/emails/phone calls from any party regarding this matter.

Council Members Kelly, Bob, Pierre, and Kyle
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