Mojave Trail

9 months 1 day ago - 9 months 1 day ago #9163 by AZ_LR3
You can start in either Bullhead City, AZ or Barstow, CA. 115 miles with a ton of things labeled (some with pictures), main route is in red and there was a washout so the detour for that is in blue. I'll be doing this trip in December 2016 if anyone is down to go. I attached two opens with google earth and the other (.gpx) you can add to just about any GPS app.

Well I can't upload the files but you can always send me a message and I can send them to anyone that wants them through e-mail :)


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8 months 4 weeks ago #9165 by DirkV
Hi AZ LR3,
Thanks for posting the tracks. If you already have this planned it would be a real coincidence if the dates lined up, but this club is planning to do Mojave Trail over New Year's (Dec 30 - Jan 1).
My wife and I are tentatively planning to do that trip. If we go, I"ll be sure to review your info in more detail. Are your dates set in stone, or could you do the club dates (see the events page for details)?

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8 months 3 weeks ago - 8 months 3 weeks ago #9167 by AZ_LR3
I will probably be going sooner then the 30th because my mom's birthday is the 30th. I get into Phoenix the 28th of November so I'll be working on my rig and installing everything. I've been itching for a trip so I will probably head out soon after I get everything set up and installed. If I am able to go the 30th I will definitely let you know.

The map route that I made was the route that most likely I will be taking but as we know, your plans never go as planned. I know the detour route is spot on...I also have the ''Must See'' spots labeled on there as well. I have a lot of down time over here so I was able to actually map out the route using the Google sat imagery and compared it to other people's routes through different resources.

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