Coke Ovens
United States
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This is a moderate trail and any stock Land Rover is capable of handling this trail.

We will meet in Florence and follow the road that parallels the Gila River. Then we turn north into Box Canyon. The canyon is very scenic and is very narrow in sections. This section of the trail is fairly easy but there are several moderate sized rocks to get over.

After the canyon we make our way to the Coke Ovens. This part of the trail is long and there are many obstacles encountered like steep climbs, rocky steps, and other challenging rock obstacles. However, there are challenges for everyone! We will have lunch at the Coke Ovens which are huge beehive shaped ovens.

After lunch we make our way back track about a mile up the ridge and descend towards the Gile River and follwo the trail out towards White Canyon Wilderness. this section of the trail has suffered from heavy rain errosion over the past year but is still very passable. We end the day where Battle Axe Road meets Highway 177 just south of Superior.

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