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Sheep's Crossing / Sheep's Bridge
United States
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Twenty one air miles northeast of Cave Creek, Arizona, in the Bloody Basin area of the Tonto National Forest, the Verde River makes a Z-shaped bend between two prominent rock out croppings. There, in 1943, Flagstaff Sheep Company, which had been grazing sheep in the area since 1926, constructed a cable suspension bridge to provide safe passage for it's sheep across the river. In 1988, weakened by years of service and floods, the bridge was dismantled. A year later, a new structure of similar design was erected on the site, even though sheep ranching was no longer carried out in the area. It provides hikers, horseback riders, and hunters access into the Mazatzal Wilderness, located a few miles east of the Verde River.

This is a great trail for beginners not looking for too much challenge. The trail is very dusty but it is unlikely you will get scratches or damage to your Rover.
Date Title Category Attendees
Jan 11th, 2004, 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM Trail Runs (Official) -

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