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Blazin' M Ranch
1875 Mabery Ranch Road
United States


Blazin M Ranch was originally settled as a dairy and cattle ranch in the late 1800s. In 1966 Chuck Mabery purchased the property. After dabbling in cattle, the Mabery family grew and sold organic vegetables. Following the 100-year flood of 1993, most of the cultivated land was washed away. The musically-inclined family turned their talents into a new venue by creating Blazin’ M Chuckwagon Dinner Theater.

The Old West town was constructed in that same year under the direction of Doug Wright, a schoolmate and close family friend of Dan Mabery. Many of the building materials were recycled from Hollywood movie sets that Doug had helped construct.

In 1994 the Ranch opened with a chuckwagon-style dinner and live Western stage show. Most of the original band members have retired but their love of country music and cowboy humor has endured and become a staple of the Ranch.

During the fall of 2010 under the management of Copper Spur LLC, the Ranch underwent an extensive upgrade with upscale merchandise in new shops, additional activities and an enhanced museum. The menu was revived with southwestern signature dishes and the entertainment was updated with new music and cowboy humor.

Date Title Category Attendees
Dec 8th, 2012, 06:00 PM - 09:00 PM Related Events -

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