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Smiley Rock
Saturday October 1st, 2016 08:00 AM
Jerome, Arizona
Trail Runs (Official)
Trail Leader:
Ryan Hemphill

Event Description

We will meet up the street from the fire station in Jerome at 9:30am, we will wail until 9:45am to start heading out to the trail.

Radio Channels:
CB - 34
FRS - 24

Ham - std channel will get the frq and put it in here. (lol)

Be sure to bring lots of liquids to drink and some, we will be having lunch at Smiley Rock, so bring a packed lunch.

It will be a long day, filled with amazing sights and places, hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am.

Most importantly, bring your smiles and laughter, and bring enough to share with those who didn't bring enough themselfs......not mentioning any

The ride up from Phx should be at the most 1.5 hours, I will be staying in Cottonwood Friday night and will be at the firestation at 9:15am Saturday. So plan to leave Phx accordingly.

My cell is 602-828-0969

See you in Jerome

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Smiley Rock
Smiley Rock
United States
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Venue Description

Smiley Rock trail will leave you smiling as you enter the historic mining town of Jerome and hit the dirt shorty after the fire station. The trail begins as a well maintained road, and gradually builds in difficulty as you gain elevation. Near the end, the last couple of miles provides excellent challenges as you navigate rocky stream beds. Tire placement is critical and rock stacking is expected. Stock vehicles with stock tires should use caution.

The trail is mostly easy/moderate but there is a 1/4mile rock garden towards the end which may require spotting for some.

The trail is located just outside Jerome, AZ which is about 90 miles from Phoenix.

Features: Allow plenty of time to see historic Jerome. The town is a major tourist attraction offering an array of quaint gift shops, art galleries, museums and restaurants. If you’re into mining history, plan a stop at the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town along the route or take a short side trip to Jerome State Historic Park. Both of these attractions require a small fee. Once in the backcountry, you’ll enjoy your secluded adventure through Martin Canyon, which follows the southern border of the Woodchute Wilderness. Hike and camp at various points along the way. Some of this trail is officially part of the Great Western Trail. This rating applies to the portion of the trip through Martin Canyon which is narrow and rocky. Skid plates and good articulation are recommended. Brush is tight in several places. Much of the route is an easy gravel road.

23 miles
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