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Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Ruins and Lots of Red Rocks
Saturday January 18th, 2020 10:00 AM
Monday January 20th, 2020 12:00 PM
Jerome, Arizona
Trail Runs (Official)
Trail Leader:
Kelly Howard

Event Description

We will meet at the Maverik ( in Cottonwood, AZ at 10am on Saturday, January 18th.  We will go through Jerome.  Stop at the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town. It is a pretty cool place and gear heads will love it.  Then we will head out on Perkinsville Rd and then to Henderson Flat Trail.  We will camp at the end of the trail overlooking Sycamore Canyon.  We will visit the ruins on Sunday morning.  The view from the ruins is spectacular and I don't want to rush it. 

The hike from camp to the ruins is about a 1/4 mile.  It is rough and good hiking boots or shoes are required.  It is strenuous and lots of scrambling over rocks.  The hike is optional. 

We will then head back to Perkinsville Rd.  At this point if you do not have MLK day off you can head home.  If you want you can join us for more red rock adventures on the Horseshoe Canyon Trial.  We will camp Sunday night along this trail.  We should be back in Cottonwood by mid-afternoon. 

Note - Be prepared to be self-sufficient during this trip.  Bring water and food for the entire trip.  There are no restrooms available along the trail. 

Elevation is 4500 feet.  The overnight lows are in the 30's, so come prepared.  With good sleeping gear and firewood. 

Any stock vehicle with good tires can do this trail.  It is a pretty easy drive. 

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Henderson Flat
Henderson Flat
FR 181
United States

Venue Description

This is another long overland style trip to whet your taste for adventure. One of the most scenic and popular wilderness areas within Arizona is the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, with its striking red rock canyons and mountains. Although there are more than 70 places with the name Sycamore in Arizona alone,

Sycamore Canyon near Sedona is probably the best known. The canyon is 25 miles long and up to 7 miles across at its widest point. Scattered throughout are many cliff dwellings left behind by early Indians.

This trail leaves Perkinsville Road in the Prescott National Forest to travel a roughly graded , single-track trail toward the Sycamore Wilderness Boundary.  The trail winds through the pinyon/juniper forest, crossing through a number of small canyons.  The red bluffs of Sycamore Canyon come into view as the trail passes an old cabin.  The trail ends at the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness boundary.

80 miles

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