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Temporal Gulch
United States
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Temporal Gulch is a scenic trail that starts off in the town of Patagonia. It follows Forest road 72 into the Santa Rita Mountains. There are various spurs that can be taken also. The trail is easy for any Land Rover with a decent set of tires. Low Range not required, but can be useful for the descent back down the mountain.

This spur trail travels through one of the most scenic and varied canyons in the Santa Rita Mountains. The fantastic views and moderately challenging trail, coupled with excellent backcountry camping and birding opportunities, combine to make this trail a favorite among many. The trail departs the picturesque town of Patagonia, and for the first 6.1 miles is well-graded dirt, as it travels through the open grasslands alongside Gringo Gulch and into Coronado National Forest. Special Attractions: Panoramic views over the Sierra Vista Valley and mountains to the east; Access to hiking trails and national forest campgrounds; Reef town site. High-clearance 4WDs are required. This trail has either a rough, rutted surface, rocks up to 9 inches, mud and deep sand that may be impassable for inexperienced drivers, or stream crossings up to 18 inches deep. Certain sections may be steep enough to cause traction problems, and you may encounter very narrow shelf roads with steep drop-offs and tight clearance between rocks or trees
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Feb 19th, 2017, 08:00 AM Trail Runs (Official) 3

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