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Kelly Howard

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Wednesday, 18 August 2010 12:55
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  • Kelly Howard replied to the topic 'AZLRO Wilderness First Aid Class' in the forum.

    Rick, I have you down for three. I also think Koly changed it on the registration page. Thanks!

    Glenn, We have plenty of room. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Kelly Howard replied to the topic '2017 Annual AZLRO Member BBQ - March 3rd-5th' in the forum.


    There are quite a few teenage girls in the club. Our 16 year old daughter, Grace, with be at the BBQ. She is planning on doing the driving on Saturday.

    Look forward to sharing our war stories of owning rovers and teenage daughters. :ohmy:

  • Kelly Howard replied to the topic 'New (prospective) member' in the forum.

    Welcome Stu! It is always nice to meet other people with a British car problem.

    When I met my husband he and multiple MGB's and a 1973 Series 3 Land Rover. He was brought up with Triumphs, MGs and original Mini's. There were also a few unoperable Austin Healey's around his Dad's property.

    When he moved to AZ in the early 90's and the found there were dirt roads at the bottom of the freeway off ramps, he needed something other than British sports cars. So, naturally he bought a Land Rover. Our current British car fleet is a 1968 Series IIA Dormobile, 1992 Range Rover and 1953 MGTD.

  • Kelly Howard replied to the topic 'Large Binocular Telescope tour and Campout' in the forum.

    Thanks for letting me know. Tomorrow is Grace's last day of school and our plan it to try and get there before dark.

  • Kelly Howard replied to the topic 'Large Binocular Telescope tour and Campout' in the forum.


    I have seen 35 foot trailers and RV's in Treasure Park. It is a one-way loop road and a stream crosses the road and sometimes washes out the road, enough to make it tough for long RV's. Passenger vehicles should have not trouble at all. I have also seen large RV's come in the "wrong" way. This part of the road is a lot shorter and in much better condition. I would suggest you drive your Rover in around the loop and make a decision based on what you see.

    James does not have a scheduled trip up before the campout. If he does he will drive through and send you an assessment.

    What day are you coming up? We can come up to the main road and help.



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