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Andrew Pollock

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Andrew Pollock

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Sunday, 28 November 2010 13:51
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4 weeks ago
  • Andrew Pollock
    1 year ago

    How do I find out what year I joined AZLRO?

  • Andrew Pollock replied to the topic 'Salt River Canyon to Roosevelt Lake.' in the forum.

    Thanks, it indicates on the signage at the SR Canyon end that Roosvelt is one of the destinations. Are you familiar with where it comes into the Roosvelt area?
    The store at the bottom of the canyon has been closed for a number of years now.

  • Andrew Pollock created a new topic ' Salt River Canyon to Roosevelt Lake.' in the forum.

    Everytime I drive the Salt River Canyon I see the road that's at the north bound end of the bridge. The signage states that it goes to Roosvelt Lake.
    I'm hoping to drive it from The Roosvelt end to the Canyon on our way back to Colorado mid May but don't know where to pick it up by the lake.
    Can anyone help with this??

  • Andrew Pollock created a new topic ' LR3 Airbags' in the forum.

    Does anyone have a feel for the likely lifespan of them??
    Over the years I've heard different owners talking about suspension failures but don't really know if they were referring to the bags or compressors.
    I've had first hand experience with the latter.

  • Andrew Pollock thanks user 'LeBlanc' in the forum message ' Sedona Trails'.


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